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Activ Trax

A Custom Workout at Every Visit

Activ Trax is a web-based program that creates workouts based on your specific needs and goals. It provides customized strength training workouts that utilize any and all of the strength equipment that Carillon has and you enjoy! Creates a new workout for you each visit based on your goals and abilities, so you will never get bored and you will ALWAYS feel challenged! Tells you exactly which machine to use, how much weight, sets, and repetitions to do, length of rest time between sets, and how to progress in your program!  

The workouts provided each day by Activ Trax are based on:

  • Your goal of weight loss, weight maintenance, muscle-building, endurance
  • How much weight you were able to lift the session before
  • Your level of fitness

How is Activ Trax different than Fitness Advisor?

The focus of strength training should be on the actual movement rather than whether you are going the exact, proper speed. That is why we are so excited about having a program like Activ Trax that encourages you to do so and not be distracted by beeps. As long as you keep the movement slow and controlled, and don't lock out your joints, you will not need the beeps for range of motion. You will be counting your own repetitions as you would when working out with free weights or cables, however, you will be more successful because you are able to focus more on the movement.

  • Activ Trax incorporates ALL strength equipment in the wellness center, not just the machines. This will give you greater variety in your workout, which will lead to greater success!
  • You will still be doing a strength test to determine proper weights, but it will be much shorter than the one that Fit Advisor required. This strength test will not require as much time to perform as the one with Fit Advisor did; there is only 6 tests to perform during the Activ Trax strength test, and will collectively give us a better indicator of your strength.
  • Activ Trax is a web-based program, which means that you can take your workout with you to our other wellness centers in Palm Harbor and Clearwater. There is even a travel module for you if you hit the road to a hotel gym!
  • Activ Trax also includes a nutrition component that is recommended and used by our hospital-based dietitian. This will allow you to receive suggestions on proper nutrition for you goal of weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight gain. It will also allow you to track your meals and calories for the day. Your wellness coach and/or Personal Trainer will also be able to view your diary to assist you in reaching your goals. 

If I have a personal trainer, do I need to use Activ Trax?

We recommend you use Activ Trax on the days that you are not with your personal trainer. This way, your trainer can create a program for you with ease for you to do on your days alone that still offers support and variety, as if being with the trainer.

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