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Member of the Month

Member Testimonials & Customer Survey Results

Member Testimonials: What Members Are Saying About the Wellness Center

Facility & Team:

  • “No gym is as clean as the BayCare Wellness Centers.  The members are great at cleaning machines when done.  The employees are great at keeping the machines clean also.  Very nice!”
  • “Every staff member cares about how the center looks, that’ s obvious!”
  • “Been a member for about 5 years now and I love going to the facility.”
  • “I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else; proximity to my house, cleanliness and state of the art equipment all make it the best.”

Accelerated Fat Loss Program:

  •  “Don't get discouraged if you don't see major results right away. I was noticing changes along the way and even had comments from other people that they could see changes, but around week six it was like overnight all of sudden I could really see muscle definition, my clothes were really starting to fit differently, and I just overall felt really great.”
  • “This is not about "weight loss" this is about "fat loss" so don't let the scale trick you into thinking it's not working. Collectively, to date, I have only lost three pounds of weight, but have almost dropped two pant sizes, because I have decreased my fat weight (by about 5lbs) and increased my lean weight (by about 2.5lbs)."
  •  “I think the biggest benefit that I have gotten from this program is the fact that I feel better both physically and mentally. I have so much more energy and have gone from throwing in the towel when it comes to working out and instead have started to pick up the towel and give it everything I've got.”
  • “This program helped me get reestablished with a workout regimen. I went from having seriously every excuse in the book for why I couldn't work out today to now planning my schedule to make sure I can get a work out in.”


  • "Your massage therapists are among the best in the industry."
  • “I will definitely be scheduling a massage soon.  After two weeks of suffering with my back issues, the massages by Jean on two consecutive Mondays did more than the painkillers. I am back to my "old" self -- no back pain, or discomfort when I get up from a sitting position.  I was able to enjoy my two year old grandson during the holidays and was able to run with him while we were together at Disneyworld.  You really have a gift of the ‘magic touch’.  Thanks again!” Client Judy Sarsten
  • "After a disappointing finishing time in the 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon of 4 hours 54 minutes, I knew I had to change my training regimen in 2011. I knew I had to train harder, increase hydration and take better care of my legs.   Incorporating the sports massage (by Bryan) with the training, helped to keep my legs fresh, and ready to tackle the long runs.  In October 2011, I went back to Chicago and not only finished the marathon, but did so in  4 hours 29 minutes which was 25 minutes faster than 2010, but I had the energy in my legs to keep pushing at the end when other runners were slowing down.  Thanks Bryan!”  Client Bill Sedey
  • Read Sarah Sloan's story about success through sports massage


  • "Great way for people to get started in working out"
  • "Absolutely love it. Working muscles and learning exercises I have never done. Able to fully track everything I do. So excited to use it every time I workout."
  • "I love ActivTrax. The variety of the workouts day in and day out plus the ability to create a food diary is awesome."
  • "I love it. Gives me structure without a lot of hassle."
  • ?

2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Thank you to those of you who participated in our 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey; we are pleased that 93% indicated that we are either excellent (52.2%) or good (41%) at meeting your overall expectations!  We are continuously looking at ways to improve upon our mission to provide personalized attention, professional instruction and comprehensive exercise program options to improve your health and wellness. We value and appreciate your feedback. Thank you for choosing us to help you with your health and wellness goals!

  • How would you rate the Facility and Equipment Cleanliness?
    • Excellent - 64.56% 
    • Good - 30.10% 
    • Slightly Above Average - 2.91% 
    • Slightly Below Average - 1.46% 
    • Fair - 0.97% 
    • Poor - 0%  
  • How would you rate the variety of fitness equipment and services available?
    • Excellent - 60.19% 
    • Good - 33.01% 
    • Slightly Above Average - 5.34% 
    • Slightly Below Average - 0.97% 
    • Fair - 0.49% 
    • Poor - 0%
  • How would you rate the friendliness, availability and ability of Wellness Center Staff?
    • Excellent - 76.21% 
    • Good - 19.42% 
    • Slightly Above Average - 3.4% 
    • Slightly Below Average - 0.49% 
    • Fair - 0.49% 
    • Poor - 0%
  • How would you rate the overall quality of the group exercise classes? 
    • Excellent - 48.19% 
    • Good - 40.96% 
    • Slightly Above Average - 7.83% 
    • Slightly Below Average - 2.41%
    • Fair - 0.60% 
    • Poor - 0%
  • How has the Wellness center met your overall expectations?
    • Excellent - 52.2% 
    • Good - 41.95% 
    • Slightly Above Average - 3.41% 
    • Slightly Below Average - 1.95% 
    • Fair - 0.49% 
    • Poor - 0%

Carillon Wellness Center
900 Carillon Parkway
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
(727) 502-4444 
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